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Business Divisions & Solution Areas

Charters, Governance, Strategy, Funding, Growth, Teams, Hiring, Alignment, Transformation & Execution


Family Enterprise B2B Solutions Leveraging Spatial Web 3.0, Virtual Extended Reality & AI Technologies


Private Family Forums, Family MBAs, Book Publishing, Reports, Keynotes and Business School Programs


Private Community Membership into the Family Office Zone, a Global Platform for UHNW Families

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Join our network of visionaries, leaders and transformation-makers as we shape the future of family businesses together.

About Our Group

RTS Global Partners (launched in 2012 in Dubai-UAE, with roots established in 2002 by its Founder in London-UK), has become the leading family business advisory platform for family businesses in Africa, Middle East & Asia. The firm has impacted 208 Family business conglomerates and family offices to date from 1st to 12th generation legacies in 25 countries; and contributed to $12b+ of revenue growth and equity value for its collective network of global clients and partners.

Our Education arm, the Family Business Academy (merged with the Family Office Zone in 2024) has delivered programs to 35,000 family enterprises in 66 countries since 2002. We have a blended IP approach, which uniquely combines Advisory, Education, Tech, Membership and Investment solutions to service our global clients.



Family Conglomerates & Family Office clients served to date



Billion ($) in Family Wealth, Equity & Revenue Growth Contribution



Global Trusted Advisory & Alliance Partners in 24 Countries



Countries have our Footprint with Transformational Results



Years of Published Research and Hands-On Advisory Experience



Generational Experience from 2 to 1,300 Family Members

HQ Leadership Team

Get to know the passionate HQ team behind RTS Global Partners and understand how their knowledge and dedication can transform your family business or family office, to build a 100+ year legacy. Our researchers and back-office delivery teams are located in Dubai, London, New York, Mumbai and Nairobi. In addition, RTS Global Partners has 33+ Trusted Alliance Partner Firms in our Eco-System, providing access to 500+ experts in 50 countries.

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Our Mission

To successfully build the World’s Largest Private Family Business & Single Family Office (Eco-System) Platform with Trusted Partners, who as a collective serve millions of clients from generation to generation with an innovative portfolio of integrated advisory, education, technology, membership and investment solutions.

To be the trusted global family business and single family office brand that has made a significant impact to millions of families, and their respective employees and communities. Beyond business to put family first and express our philosophy of one-family one-legacy.

To proactively support family owned businesses, single family offices and fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses to build a family legacy, retain family unity, develop regeneration paths, transform businesses and build sustainable succession plans, aligned to our clients’ strategic vision, intentions and purpose.


Our Values

To RESPECT every family we partner with, by understanding their family codes, culture and believes. To TRUST every family we partner with, by mutually being reliable, transparent, honest and ethical. To SERVE every family we partner with, by listening to everyone and providing practical real-time solutions

Discover Exclusive Events and Customised Programs with the Family Office Zone (Web 3.0 Virtual World Platform)

At RTS Global Partners, we understand the unique needs and preferences of family businesses and family offices. That’s why we offer a range of specialized events and programs tailored to meet your specific requirements. Join us at our upcoming events and take advantage of these exclusive opportunities to enhance your family enterprise. RTS Global Partners has partnered with Verchool Holdings and Verchool Tech Ventures, to migrate all our the Family Business Academy legacy modules to the new Family Office Zone (FOZ) on the Verchool (Web 3.0) Platform with 3D Boardroom Live sessions (

Private Discussions

Participate in our intimate roundtable discussions where you can engage in meaningful conversations with fellow family business owners and industry experts. These sessions provide a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and exploring innovative approaches to common challenges faced by family enterprises. Benefit from the collective wisdom and insights of the community.

Webinars and Virtual Events

Experience our informative webinars and virtual events from the convenience of your home or office. Engage with our experts as they share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of relevant topics. Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in family business management, and access valuable resources to support your growth.

Private Family Events

Looking for a tailored family event specifically designed for your family business and extended members? We can create customized events that address your unique needs and goals. Whether it's a targeted workshop, an advisory session, or a facilitated discussion, our team will work closely with you to deliver an event that aligns with your objectives and drives tangible results.

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Workshops & Seminars

Participate in our interactive masterclass workshops and seminars designed to provide practical insights and solutions for the challenges faced by family businesses. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through topics such as succession planning, family governance, conflict resolution, and strategic growth. Gain actionable strategies and tools to drive your family business forward.

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Keynotes & Institutional Programs
Delivered in 66 Countries with 2,000+ Live Sessions over 22 years