Our Identity

At Family Business Academy (FBA), we believe in the power of collective wisdom. Our foundation rests on the principles of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and mutual growth. As we usher family businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs into the global limelight, we focus on both traditional values and modern-day strategies, ensuring a harmonious blend of past, present, and future.

FBA Digital Advantage

In today’s rapidly digitizing world, we’ve taken a stride forward with our exclusive EdTech platform, the FamilyBusinessApp. It’s not just a learning portal but a comprehensive ecosystem for family businesses. Expect cutting-edge case studies, expert lectures, and interactive content that keeps you at the forefront of global business trends.

Global Footprint

Our numbers — 30,000 families, 65 countries — are a reflection of the trust and belief the global community has in us. But, for us, it’s not just about numbers. Each family, each story, adds to the tapestry of our legacy. Our vision transcends geographical boundaries as we work tirelessly to bring value to every corner of the global family business landscape.

Join the Legacy


The journey of FBA isn't just about business growth; it's about fostering a legacy of excellence, innovation, and integrity. As you step into this world, you're not just joining an institution; you're becoming a part of a movement. A movement that aims to redefine the contours of family-led enterprises.