TAO Legacy Holdings is the private Single Family Office for the Athwal Family. We are part of a family business bloodline founded in India in 1919. From humble beginnings in Farming, Agriculture Processing and later becoming Landlords. The Athwal Family expanded to the UK with G2 in 1965 and then to the UAE with G3 in 2004. 

Over the last 22 years with G3 & G4 members, the family investment portfolio has expanded to support start-ups and new ventures, that meet a specific investment criteria, in a diverse range of sectors, to include: Education, Publishing, Professional Services, Family Business Advisory, Real Estate, Renewables, Legal, Government Services, Fashion, Sports, E-Commerce, B2B SaaS, EdTech, CyberTech, Deep-Tech, Virtual Reality, Spatial Computing, AI, and other Not-for-Profit social impact areas.

The family has supported over $12b of revenue and equity growth in collaboration with 208 other private family offices and family business conglomerates, via RTS Global Partners, Fobillion Club and now the Family Office Zone. The family operates a global structure incorporating TAO Legacy Holdings, the TAO Legacy Trust and the TAO Legacy Foundation, including wholly owned subsidiaries, co-investments and private equities in other legal entities in Cayman, US, UK, UAE and India.

The Athwal Family has pledged to give 50% of its wealth to the TAO Legacy Foundation for philanthropic projects that impact humanity. TAO Legacy Holdings is currently led by Mr. Reg Athwal (www.athwal.com), as the current Executive Chairman and G3 Member.


email us at info@taolegacy.com

Below is a selection of our direct family start-ups and investments, plus extended family member ventures:

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