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The Dubai Expo2020 is only 5 Years away. Are you in a position to capitalize on this unique growth period in Dubai, UAE?

There is a BIG BUZZ in Dubai right now. Traffic is building up, thousands of new people are relocating to Dubai with new jobs and hundreds of new company visas being issued every month.

Announcement of new projects are coming every month and the cranes from the last BOOM are back.

But, Dubai this time round has matured, it feels different and established international companies are more robust in their approach to hire talent and build their dream teams. However, the SME ($3m to $30m T/O) market is very different. At RTS Global Partners, our own RTS Consulting Division has hired lots of new Consultants in 2014 ready for the Dubai Expo2020, with a further 100% expansion plan in 2015. We offer superior DNA Executive Search & Selection solutions to mainly Family Owned Businesses and Fast-Growth Enterprises. With our decade of experience, we are aware that 75% of owners and hiring managers are not formally trained to hire top talent and build world-class teams. You can not leave this to random chance. Strategic execution and growth is all down to your human capital.

In order to Unleash Your Company DNA and leverage off the Dubai Expo2020, your company must take time to hire top talent in the right way over the next 5 years. One costly mistake can slow your growth down and impact your budgets. A wrong hire or wrong team can make or break your bank balance and company reputation.

Here are our Top 10 – Talent & Human Capital Management Superior Practices for Every Owner, Executive and Manager to consider:

  1. Upgrade Your Vision 2020 and Be Clear on the End Results You Want to Achieve Before Dubai Expo2020
  2. Assess Your Current Team and Evaluate if They Can Deliver the Desired Results, as the Past Does Not Equal the Future
  3. Re-Interview Your Teams and Understand Who Has Hidden Accomplishments from Past Employers that are Under-Utilized
  4. Build Clusters of Teams and Play to Each Person’s Strength and not their Weaknesses and Drive Weekly Open Communication
  5. Develop a New Organizational Structure That You’ll Need to Build Over the Next 5 Years
  6. Start Building Relationships Now with Top Talent Who You Will Need in 2015 and 2016
  7. Be Clear on Your Company Values as Performance is Important but Cultural Fit Even More Important
  8. Be Active and Visible on Social Networks and Join Your Industry Groups
  9. Implement Robust Performance Management Systems to Evaluate Peak Performance & Results Every Week, Month and Quarter
  10. Build a Compelling Career Path for Your Top Talent and Provide Them With Exceptional Coaching & Development Programs

How is your company doing in these 10 areas? Did you Score 10 out of 10?

For more information on implementing the above, contact RTS Global Partners and ask to speak to one of Executive Search & Selection Consultants in our growing RTS Consulting Division. We can offer you more free advice and support you in hiring top talent and building world-class high performing teams, to ensure you maximize your Human Capital ROI in the next 5 years, and leverage off the Dubai Expo2020. Isn’t it time your company BOOMED too!

About RTS Global Partners

We offer leading-edge scientific and practical advisory, consulting, education and venture solutions to family owned businesses and conglomerates, as well as large corporates with an entrepreneurial DNA. We also provide superior management consulting services for businesses who want to transform their human-capital and grow into new markets across Africa and Middle East.

As a rapidly-growing advisory and consulting firm, we have members supporting 85 key clients in 7 countries and adding value to millions of employees with our collective knowledge capital, DNA systems and DNA processes. Our company is the creator of the ‘Unleash Your DNA’ brand and ‘The DNA Model’. 80 percent of our senior leadership team are client-facing professionals from different nationalities. We have plans to expand our Partner Network to 22 countries by 2022 across Africa and Middle East and service 22,000 clients, which is all part of our Vision 2022.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you transform your business.


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