Our client is a leader in the Corporate Branding Industry in Kenya and is looking for a strong Human Resources Manager.

The Purpose & Scope of this position will be to; effectively run the whole function of HR by ensuring that the HRD activities are aligned to the overall business strategy and processes and ensure that the HR Departmental Objectives are achieved.


  • Guide and implement Company HR strategic intent.
  • Overall management of HR department.
  • Develop, Review, Revision and communication/implementation of Staff Related Policies.
  • Management of staff Recruitment and separation, maintain Staff Count and Uphold recruitment Procedures.
  • Guide and champion effective performance management process in the company.
  • Maintain and follow up of the appraisal calendar.
  • Help in identifying skill gaps and ensure the Department runs trainings to bridge the gaps.
  • Evaluate champion staff welfare activities and Programmes.
  • Discipline Management and Documentation.
  • Interface with Ministry and FKE for Company.


  • Review and advice on various issues pertaining legal, industrial Practice and Ministry requirements, initiate forums to discuss preventive measures.
  • Be actively involved in carrying out any corrective compliance actions.
  • Oversee the documentation of Staff work related injury.
  • Organize and administer staff consultation and grievance procedures; delegate where necessary.
  • Oversee employees’ disciplines and their compliance with company rules and policies- Manage the Staff discipline process- Document where necessary.
  • Ensure wholesome development, implementation, as well as maintaining and reviewing of company policies, rules and regulations in compliance with all applicable employment laws, statutes and regulations.
  • Ensure forums are in place to discuss policy with the employees on a one on one basis and as a department and or group.
  • Be aggressively involved in fully Understanding the HRIS in place and evaluate how it can be used to create efficiency in HR Department, by reporting, live information, maintenance of Min / Max etc.
  • Handling payroll including administration, advise for changes and statutory deductions.
  • Ensure company’s human resources are used efficiently and effectively.
  • Champion / manage and recommend areas for manpower planning and mapping.
  • Be actively involved in recruitment and selection process.
  • Liaise with recruitment Agencies for shortlists.
  • Custodian of Role Profiles, Alignment of these during the recruitment processes.
  • Uphold the Recruitment Procedures observing objectivity in processes, as well as ensure best possible match both of skill and ability vs. role requirement.Performance Management –
  • Champion the entire PM Culture
  • Custodian of JD’s and KPI’s
  • Ensure that PMC Calendars are well within the time frames
  • Initiate, review and monitor the performance appraisal process
  • Custodian of HR Numbers
  • Review of overall HR relate Costs, Monitor these against already set budgets
  • Ensure that already agreed on head count is maintained
  • Generation of a Min and Max staff Numbers in respective areas


  • A University Degree in Human Resource Management.
  • At least FIVE years experience in a similar role.
  • Strong personality with avid resilience, open to feedback and performs exemplary in high pressure environments.
  • Demonstrated thrift, Organization Management and Excellent Communication skills.
  • Must have demonstrated Experience and Sound Knowledge in Employment Legislation in Kenya and Industrial Relations Management.
  • Member of a professional body.

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